Saturday, February 9, 2008

sister sassy

sister sassy sent me these wonderful post-its taken from her cell phone camera!

if you want to post your own post-its send email me at contactpostit {at} gmail {dot} com and i will sign you up for posting privileges.



Jos� Manuel said...

Hi! I'm a Spanish blogger and I find your blog by chance. It's very wonderful and funny!!!!!! I love post-its :D!!! They are very useful for the students in these weeks, when Spanish universities "celebrate" their exams!!!!!! You must see my notes!!!!!!!! See you later!!!!!!!!!

Sister Sassy said...

Thanks for posting my post its. If I ever draw another post it of interest I'll be sure to post it.

looks like you're getting lots of good comments :)

dwiti said...

Hey, interesting view...
Catches the eye :)

Anonymous said...